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Category: GARDEN OUTDOORS (9 records) SSTC Gallery Special Edition - Monday August 17, 2020 8:00 pm

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161 161t.jpgItem:: Garden Treasures window style hummingbird feeders.
Condition:: Very good. Two of the bird feeders in original packages.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
6 1225 6.35   ended
210 210t.jpgItem:: Garden décor. Designed to be hung on a wall or fence.
Condition:: Very good with light surface rust, aged to perfection ;)
Size:: 23.5" tall x 17" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
6 2120 12.00   ended
211 211t.jpgItem:: Little mesh top folding metal outdoor side table.
Condition:: Very good overall, light weather wear
Size:: 20.5" tall x 20" dia
Transfers/Shipping:: No
7 1552 7.00   ended
215 215t.jpgItem:: Molded aluminum garden bench. Great to display plants on and raise the profile of your garden.
Condition:: Good overall, legs are applied with screws, it is a little wobbly and could use a bit of shoring up.
Size:: 29.5" tall x 38" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
13 2056 33.00   ended
216 216t.jpgItem:: Gazing ball with an iridescent finish on a resin stand.
Condition:: Good overall. Stand is leaning somewhat.
Size:: 42" tall including gazing ball
Transfers/Shipping:: No
7 1188 8.00   ended
217 217t.jpgItem:: Obelisk style concrete garden art.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 17" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: No
10 2129 14.00   ended
218 218t.jpgItem:: Darling sleeping cat concrete mini birdbath.
Condition:: Very good used condition
Size:: 5" tall x 13.5" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
7 2129 10.22   ended
219 219t.jpgItem:: Nina Studio concrete garden feeder for birds or small animals.
Condition:: Very good used condition
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 2129 24.00   ended
220 220t.jpgItem:: Crate with heavy duty extension cords. Nice set of cords for the workshop or for operation outdoor electric garden tools.
Condition:: Very good, clean condition. Cords untested by us.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 2231 14.00   ended

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