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Category: FURNITURE (22 records) SSTC Falls City Collectibles - Sunday May 17, 2020 8:00 pm

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55 55t.jpgItem:: Jamestown American Furniture 2-piece lighted hutch with three glass shelves and beveled glass front doors with lots of storage below.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: Base 29" tall x 60" wide x 17" deep, Hutch 51" tall x 60" wide x 15" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
1 2240 50.00   ended
56 56t.jpgItem:: Pier 1 upholstered chairs (4) with a large round table that comes w/two leaves and a table pad cover.
Condition:: Chairs are very good. Table top and leaves have scratches. There is loss to the veneer on one leave. See photos.
Size:: Table 29.25" tall x 60" dia.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1964 35.00   ended
57 57t.jpgItem:: Antique intricately carved chair with upholstered back and seat that has castor wheels on the front and come w/an antique foot stool.
Condition:: Very good for age, see photos.
Size:: 48" tall from the floor to top of chair back
Transfers/Shipping:: No
12 1552 145.00   ended
58 58t.jpgItem:: Hand crafted oak shelving unit. It appears to have been used sitting flat but could also be hung.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 27" tall x 30.5" wide x 9" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
4 1552 8.60   ended
59 59t.jpgItem:: Vintage four drawer chest.
Condition:: Has good bones, needs a little tlc. See photos.
Size:: 28.5" tall x 15.5" wide x 10.5" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
10 1893 32.00   ended
60 60t.jpgItem:: Vintage drop leaf side table with single drawer.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 24" tall x 26.5" sides up and 14.5" sides down x 20" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 2086 24.22   ended
61 61t.jpgItem:: Antique oak cane bottom chair with burled wood insets on the back.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 36.5" tall at back
Transfers/Shipping:: No
4 1781 16.00   ended
63 63t.jpgItem:: SkyPorter travel golf bag with some contents. The unit sits on wheels, has two handles and a detachable carry strap.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 50" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1284 3.00   ended
64 64t.jpgItem:: Wrought iron four tier bakers rack with glass shelves.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 70" tall x 31" wide x 19" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1964 22.78   ended
141 141t.jpgItem:: Vintage wooden end table in shape of an antique flour chest.
Condition:: This is a project piece. Top needs to be reattached to the base, base joints need shored up.
Size:: 22" tall x 24" wide at the top
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 2056 13.00   ended
161 161t.jpgItem:: Solid mahogany accent table / plant stand with marble top made in Italy.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 18.5" tall x 14" dia
Transfers/Shipping:: No
14 1144 24.00   ended
163 163t.jpgItem:: Wooden folding table made in Denmark.
Condition:: Very good overall. Support piece of wood on the underside of top is loose.
Size:: 25" tall x 24" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
4 2056 3.50   ended
187 187t.jpgItem:: Queen Anne end table with drawer.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 23.5" tall x 21.5" wide x 25.5" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1514 14.00   ended
188 188t.jpgItem:: Antique cherry three drawer key hole chest, no key.
Condition:: Very good overall for age, see photos.
Size:: 38" tall x 30.5" wide x 16.5" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
11 1900 40.00   ended
190 190t.jpgItem:: Contemporary glass top sofa table with two drawers on metal base.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 29.5" tall x 55" wide x 21" deep
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 1010 30.28   ended
191 191t.jpgItem:: Antique sewing chair with cane seating, solid construction.
Condition:: Caning needs repaired, see photos.
Size:: 31" tall at back.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
4 1284 3.50   ended
192 192t.jpgItem:: Antique game table with fold out top.
Condition:: Project piece. The table top has come apart on one end.
Size:: 27.5" tall x 28.5" wide x 12" deep top down and 24" dia., top open
Transfers/Shipping:: No
19 2056 43.00   ended
193 193t.jpgItem:: Men's wooden dressing valet.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 41" tall x 18" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1677 5.55   ended
194 194t.jpgItem:: Hitchcock vintage chairs (4) that feature a stenciled grape leaf design.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 33" tall at the back
Transfers/Shipping:: No
7 1781 19.00
x 4 = 76.00
195 195t.jpgItem:: Metal 5-piece patio set that include a rectangular table and four chairs that swivel and rock. See Lot 196 for matching accessory pieces.
Condition:: Very good, see photos.
Size:: Table 29" tall x 70" wide x 40" deep. Chairs 40" tall at the back
Transfers/Shipping:: No
13 1070 115.00   ended
196 196t.jpgItem:: Patio set chair and tables (2) that match the patio set in Lot 195.
Condition:: Square top 19" tall x 20" square, Round top 28.5" tall x 30" dia.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 1070 35.50   ended
197 197t.jpgItem:: Yard and garden tools that include a spade shovel w/wood handle, a Craftsman metal rake and a Craftsman plastic rake.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: Standard
Transfers/Shipping:: No
6 1090 7.00   ended

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