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Category: ADVERTISING (7 records) SSTC - Falls City Collectibles - Sunday August 30, 2020 8:00 pm

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30 30t.jpgItem:: The American Crayon Company (Sandusky, OH and New York) Empire Textile Mill Crayons wood box.
Condition:: Very good for age, see photos.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
13 2070 14.00   ended
33 33t.jpgItem:: Vintage Cross sterilized tack assortment wood box with contents that include Coca-Cola, 7-Up, Oertel's Beer, Sterling Beer, Falls City Beer, Fehr's Beer and Country Club bottle openers, assorted car emblems, White Lily Flour and Spiegel measurers, tiny tools and collectibles.
Condition:: Very good.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
15 1089 43.00   ended
107 107t.jpgItem:: Pop Shoppe soft drink bottle case with bottles that include Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Royal Crown Cola and Tab.
Condition:: Very good for age
Transfers/Shipping:: No
1 1845 2.00   ended
132 132t.jpgItem:: Dilbert telephone book, Ziggy God Bless Us Everyone holiday mug and a Ziggy tennis themed tall glass.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 3.5" and 6.5" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
1 1284 2.00   ended
159 159t.jpgItem:: Calendars including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, National Wildlife Federation, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wild and Scenic Kentucky, Antique Maps, Audubon Wild Birds and more.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
6 2175 6.00   ended
162 162t.jpgItem:: McDonald's cups including 1984 Olympics, Flintstones and Batman along with three Garfield cups.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 3.5" to 4.5" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
190 190t.jpgItem:: Vintage Bates Secretary metal pop-up sliding phone address book, Noxema jar, Sanka jar with buttons and a Welch's jar with small treasures.
Condition:: Good for age
Size:: 1" to 6" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
3 1051 3.00   ended

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