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Category: CUTLERY (9 records) SSTC Gallery Special Edition - Monday August 31, 2020 8:00 PM

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14 14t.jpgItem:: Vintage Case XX Trapper 6254 two blade pocket knife.
Condition:: Very good overall for age, blades sharpened, blades have good snap when closing, spot of loss to the skin on both sides at the center, see photos.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
9 2202 14.52   ended
15 15t.jpgItem:: Vintage Case XX Hawkbill 61011 single blade pocket knife.
Condition:: Very good for age, blade has been sharpened, good sharp snap when closing.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
11 1313 16.52   ended
37 37t.jpgItem:: Trio of vintage pocket knives including an Imperial Kamp King, I-XL George Wostenholm Sheffield England and Schrade two blade knife.
Condition:: Good overall, need reconditioned, a few of the blades snap closed, most are sluggish.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
9 2202 12.00   ended
48 48t.jpgItem:: Collection of gentleman's keychain/fob knives and small pocket knives. Victorinox, China, USA, Imperial and Italy marks.
Condition:: Good overall, some reconditioning needed.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
6 2086 5.00   ended
131 131t.jpgItem:: King Edward Imperial Cigar box with contents that include pocket sharpening stones and a pocket knives in rough. Some missing blades, some extensive rusting, some with damaged skins or no skins. Good project box for someone with time on their hands looking for something to do :)
Condition:: See photos
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
5 1313 8.00   ended
135 135t.jpgItem:: Vintage Camillus 1 Hawkbill pocket knife and a Keen Kutter 843 Hunter pocket knife.
Condition:: Very good overall, blades are in good shape, do not snap when closing, but are not loose, a good cleaning may help with that.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
16 2086 20.52   ended
144 144t.jpgItem:: Trio of vintage pocket knives, one opens by pulling out the stem on the end and is signed ? Solingen, the mottled red skin knife is signed Kent NY City and the last one does not appear to be signed.
Condition:: Good overall, need some reconditioning, see photos.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
4 1313 6.00   ended
145 145t.jpgItem:: Clauss hawkbill pocket knife with walnut skin and a Kutmaster pocket knife with advertising for Joe Schueman Co, Ditzler R-M on the larger blade.
Condition:: Very good overall, blades are in good condition and have good snap when closing.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
7 1062 5.00   ended
146 146t.jpgItem:: Vintage Case XX 6488 Large Congress pocket knife and a Made in Ireland 3 blade pocket knife with plastic skin.
Condition:: Good overall, Case needs reconditioned and cleaned. The blades have good snap, the red bone skin has a split on the back side. See photos.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
13 2161 16.52   ended

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