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Category: KITCHENWARES (13 records) SSTC - Falls City Collectibles - Sunday May 3, 2020 8:00 pm

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90 90t.jpgItem:: Baking dishes featuring well known brands that include Anchor Hocking, Pyrex and Glasbake.
Condition:: Good overall. There is a small rough spot on the Glasbake divided dish.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
3 1047 3.00   ended
91 91t.jpgItem:: Pans including Chefmate Cookware skillet, Revere Ware skillet, Mirro muffin pan, Belgique pan with lid and more.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: No
2 2114 2.50   ended
105 105t.jpgItem:: Vintage Capitol Products hotplate made in the USA.
Condition:: Very good for age. Unit heats up.
Size:: 5" tall x 8.5" square on the top
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
109 109t.jpgItem:: Enamelware roasting pan.
Condition:: Very good overall. Show some light surface wear consistent with normal use.
Size:: 8" tall x 19" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
1 2175 2.00   ended
114 114t.jpgItem:: Emerson turntable microwave oven model no. MW8998B.
Condition:: Good overall, in original box. Box shows some wear. Microwave powers on and heats up a cup of water. No further testing done by us. There is a dent in the top of the case on the back side.
Size:: .9 cu.ft., 900 watts
Transfers/Shipping:: No
8 1803 16.00   ended
120 120t.jpgItem:: Coleman UPS water bottle, two Thermos containers, Tupperware butter container, Kellogg's cookie cutters and more.
Condition:: Very good used condition. Kellogg's package factory sealed.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
1 1781 2.00   ended
122 122t.jpgItem:: Hamilton Beach appliances including a 7 speed blender, Mixette hand mixer and a toaster. Toaster will accommodate a bagel.
Condition:: Very good. All appliances power on. No further testing done by us.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
3 1971 3.00   ended
168 168t.jpgItem:: Wendell August Empire State Express train themed coin tray plus a set of six marble coasters with cork inserts in a marble holder.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
2 1319 3.56   ended
192 192t.jpgItem:: Vintage nesting mixing bowls in amber and clear glass. Square base, ribbed sides and rolled rims. Believe these are the Federal Glass versions of this pattern.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
1 2078 2.00   ended
251 251t.jpgItem:: J.A. Henckels Eversharp Pro stainless steel 3" and 5" knives and three Lifetime Cutlery Jet-Cut stainless steel D-400 knives.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
11 1089 16.00   ended
252 252t.jpgItem:: Vintage Flint stainless vanadium utensils including spoon, fork, spatula and potato masher.
Condition:: Very good for age
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
9 2202 9.25   ended
253 253t.jpgItem:: Kitchen utensils including a Kitchen Aid can opener, ladles, potato mashers, strainer and a collection of knives including a bread knife and a lettuce knife.
Condition:: Very good used condition
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
2 1957 2.50   ended
254 254t.jpgItem:: Flatware collection in yellow organizer.
Condition:: Good used condition
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
2 1592 2.50   ended

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