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Category: ARTWORK PRINT (8 records) SSTC - Falls City Collectibles - Sunday September 6, 2020 8:00 pm

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28 28t.jpgItem:: Original artisan crafted wall art signed by artist, ease included.
Condition:: Very good, see photos.
Size:: 12" x 12"
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
7 1062 6.00   ended
45 45t.jpgItem:: Zindovic Radovan (Igor) double signed hand colored etching of Salzburg.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: Approx. 9" x 10" framed
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
3 1929 4.00   ended
46 46t.jpgItem:: King Kuka (Native American Artist of the Blackfeet Tribe) signed buffalo art that comes professionally framed.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 10.25" x 6.25" framed
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
8 1781 10.00   ended
62 62t.jpgItem:: Jurgen Peters abstract art (Editions Ltd. Indianapolis) in a brushed metal frame.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 40.25" x 30.25" framed
Transfers/Shipping:: No
27 2145 247.00   ended
64 64t.jpgItem:: Chritoph Wehh signed abstract print dated '87. The print comes in a metal frame under plexi cover.
Condition:: Very good.
Size:: 51.75" x 38.25" framed
Transfers/Shipping:: No
10 2145 101.00   ended
109 109t.jpgItem:: World Revisited original abstract acrylic on canvas by Carol Birry. This artist is well known in the area from showing at the St. James Art Fair and creating posters for the fair.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 18.5" tall x 24.5" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
11 1723 66.00   ended
151 151t.jpgItem:: Norman Rockwell the School Teacher - March 17, 1956 framed lithograph.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 17.5" tall x 13.5" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
3 1929 2.50   ended
175 175t.jpgItem:: Floral board print embellished to look like and oil painting. It is signed by artist.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 17.5" square
Transfers/Shipping:: No
2 2033 2.50   ended

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