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Category: COLLECTIBLES (8 records) SSTC - Falls City Collectibles - Sunday April 26, 2020 8:00 PM

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74 74t.jpgItem:: Artisan crafted metal art stand, as for size it would hold a small book, cell phone or business cards.
Condition:: Very good.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
5 2175 4.00   ended
90 90t.jpgItem:: Vintage wood sled on metal frame.
Condition:: Very good for age, see photos.
Size:: 50" long x 21.25" wide
Transfers/Shipping:: No
9 1196 22.00   ended
146 146t.jpgItem:: Our Family a historical journal, Creative Haven Country Scenes adult coloring book and a talking Ms. Wonderful blonde doll.
Condition:: Very good. Journal and coloring book unused.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
2 1270 2.50   ended
148 148t.jpgItem:: Post cards and travel brochures including Locust Grove, Charleston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Fort Myers and more.
Condition:: Very good
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
1 2175 2.00   ended
150 150t.jpgItem:: Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse the original cartoon mouse black mug.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 5" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
3 1095 4.51   ended
162 162t.jpgItem:: Genuine old AMF bowling pin, Jim Beam pin bottle and a wine bottle and stemware holder.
Condition:: Very good for age
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
4 1929 5.00   ended
175 175t.jpgItem:: Collectibles including Indiana University cup, playing cards, license plate, glass and candy jar, Louisville Redbirds cups, Louisville Slugger souvenir bats including one signed by Ozzie Smith, Avon Sure Winner after shave in bat shaped bottle and more.
Condition:: Very good overall. Indiana University candy jar has some candy residue in the bottom.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
4 2050 4.50   ended
195 195t.jpgItem:: Gift items including Capodimonte hand painted porcelain rose made in Italy, Blue Blossoms fine bone china cup and saucer made in England, 25th Wedding Anniversary lamp and salt and pepper shakers, July Water Lily cup and saucer made in Japan, bathroom set with cup, soap dish and toothbrush holder made in Japan and a Delft Blue covered container.
Condition:: Very good. Some items in original packages.
Size:: 2.5" to 8" tall
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
2 2227 2.50   ended

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