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Category: TOOLS HARDWARE (8 records) SSTC - Falls City Collectibles - Sunday May 10, 2020 8:00 pm

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107 107t.jpgItem:: X-ACTO Sur-Sharp scissor blades in eleven packages.
Condition:: Factory sealed in packages
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
1 1820 2.00   ended
110 110t.jpgItem:: Tools Exchange finishing sander 180 x 90mm.
Condition:: Very good, in original box. Sander powers on. No further testing done by us.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
8 2114 6.00   ended
116 116t.jpgItem:: Freud professional woodworking carving tools set marked CS-112.
Condition:: Very good, complete and in original case.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
5 1871 36.55   ended
117 117t.jpgItem:: Nutcracker with wooden base and a wooden handle.
Condition:: Very good
Size:: 8.25" wide at the base
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
6 2008 3.00   ended
132 132t.jpgItem:: Vivitar telephoto lens no. 2817356.
Condition:: Very good. Untested by us.
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
4 2227 4.55   ended
160 160t.jpgItem:: Black and Decker Wizard rotary tool and an electric screwdriver tool. Each tool includes a battery charger and batteries along with accessories.
Condition:: Tools in original cases. Batteries charged up and tools powered on. No further testing done by us.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
7 1264 8.67
x 2 = 17.34
228 228t.jpgItem:: Crafting tools, palette knives and a metal toothed frame that can be put together with screws and wing nuts and appears to be some type of weaving frame.
Condition:: Good used condition
Transfers/Shipping:: Yes
6 1089 14.25   ended
239 239t.jpgItem:: Household tools including Weller general duty soldering kit, Black and Decker snake light, trouble light, light bulb changing tool and more.
Condition:: Good overall. Soldering kit in original package.
Transfers/Shipping:: No
2 1051 2.50   ended

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