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Auction Removal (Pick Up) Dates and Times


First SATURDAY each month 10AM to 2PM

Every Thursday you will be picking up winnings from Thursday of the prior week through Wednesday of the current week. The Wednesday night auctions will be packed Thursday morning hence the 3 PM start to pick up on Thursday. Doors will open at 3PM.

The big overhead door will be open for pick up weather permitting. If that door is down, use the steel door beside the overhead door for pick up, it is unlocked during pick up hours

T_10001 Bev's Nu 2 You

Tuesday May 26, 2015 - 9:00 PM
Bev is still cleaning house and here are the more of the things she has decided she no longer needs and hopes you do! Gaby Rademann porcelain doll, floral arrangements and topiaries, U of L wallet and wind suit, Men's fashion, Garden décor, Rocky and Bullwinkle Bendables, Pampered Chef, Kitchen gadgets, Build a Bear Workshops outfits and accessories, Profile Speakers, Jewelry making supplies, Watermelon decorative items, Vera Bradley, Framed Masonic Emblem, Storage pieces, Ballet and Tap shoes, Indian Art and Pottery, Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes, Horseshoes, Derby Festival Poster, Vintage tin lito Animal Playground toy, Hand tooled leather brief case, Glass Paperweights and a whole lot more (to her daughter's chagrin!) Check it out and happy bidding!

T_10001 SSTC - Falls City Collectibles

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 9:00 pm
Artwork/Prints, Daher, Vintage Glassware, Milk Glass, Ammo, Solid Brass, Italian Pottery, Capidimonte, Fashion, Hats, Teleflora, Ashtray, Haviland, Norman Rockwell, Vintage Kitchenwares, Aluminum Molds, Old Cutler, Pocket Knives, Taylor Cutlery, Mirro, Stop Watches, Watches, Apollo, Anchor Hocking, Foreign Money, Antique Coins, Vintage Tokens, Baseball Cards, Marvel and DC Comics, NBA Cards, VFW, Swank, Cuff Links, Military, Shoes, Jewelry, F.T.D., Imperial Glass, Kentucky Derby, Vintage Pottery, wood & Sons Ltd., Taylor Mae, Steel S.P. Silver Plate, Westmark, Glasbake, Antique Mason's Jar, Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Community Kitchens, Kenmore, Owls, Luggage, Walt Disney, Garbage Pail Kids Cards, Avon, Crystals, Partylite, Furniture, Home Decor, Lamps, Aircraft Binders, Sony Playstation III, Dirt Devil, Planters, Vintage Tools, Cleaners, Books, Cookbooks, Vintage Magazines, Games,Thermos, Vintage Sled, And More!!!


T_10001 SSTC - Falls City Collectibles

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 9:00 pm
Lots of goodies this week including Thimbles, Costume Jewelry, Advertising, Ephemera, Cleveland Indians Memorabilia, Art Prints, Delfts Blauw, Railroad Collectibles, Sportsman's Knives, Yearbooks, John Lennon Books, Nintendo DS Pirates of the Caribbean, Sunglo Hydra Pewter Sculpture, Italian Handpainted Pieces and Capodimonte, Cooking Magazines, Mandoline Slicer, Scarf Holder, Tupperware Cake Taker, Sears Mushroom Canisters, Rival Electric Food Slicer, Faultless Replacement Door Lock Sets, Aluminum Fish Fry Set, Cajun Batter Bowl, Toy Bin Organizer, Glass Insulators, Calvin Klein Cologne, Books, Magazines, Spent Brass Shells, Antique Chamber Pot, Silver Plate Serving Tray and more!

T_10001 Twice Around the Block

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 9:00 pm
This week's auction contain: Linen, Glassware, Pottery/Stoneware, Collectibles, Advertising, Tools, Home Improvement Items, Yard and Garden, Lighting, Some of the Featured Items are a Cadillac Clock, New Albany Bulldogs Light up Baseball Lamp, Levi Straus Denim Jacket, Dewalt Tools, Stanley Tools, Hampton Bay Lighting, Portercable stapler and many other great items.

T_10001 Lots of Louisville

Monday May 18, 2015 - 9:00 PM
This week auction contains a nice variety of the old and new including brass figurines, vintage army men, garden tools, hand tools, games, kids clothes, vinyl kitchen tile, silver plated items, vintage electric skillet by Sunbeam, vintage cookbooks, stuffed animals, JVC camcorder, Oster hair clippers, vintage metal lawn chairs, jewelry, McCoy and much more.

T_10001 SSTC Auction Gallery

Monday, May 11, 2015 - 9:00 pm
Wow! Where to start, this one has a pretty eclectic mix of old and new, should be a little something to tickle your fancy! Tin Litho Dollhouse, Royal Jackson Arlington China, Crescent Silverplate, Vintage Beam and Lionstone Decanters, Estate Linens, Limoges, National Wildlife Federation Frace' Bird Plates and Mugs, Vintage Child's Wooden Work Bench, Dropleaf Accent Table, Cast Iron Claw and Ball Bathtub Feet, Vintage Photos, WWII Era Navy Seabees Uniform, WW II History Books, College Sports Polos, Collectible Ball Caps, Seagram's 7 Willie Stargell Mirror, Matchbooks, Some Awesome Collectible Paper Ephemera, Wooden Artist's Manequin, Antique Sterling Compact, Fenton and Dugan Carnival Glass, Vintage Cherry Pitter, Jeanette Pink Milk Glass, CD's, Harley Davidson, Advertising Lighters, Jewelry, Pyrex Homestead Nesting Casseroles, Griswold Stove Damper, DIY Printing Kit, Old Wooden Cider Pump, Lard Paddle, Ice Tongs, Some Great Old Hand Tools, Cat Books, IKEA Shadowbox Frame, Knitting Needles, Chevy and Rambler Hubcaps, Awesome Perko Marine Lamp, Mr. Christmas Gramophone, Avon Patchwork Cookie Jar, Ford Model T Jack, Mary Kay Diva Sunglasses, Retro Child's Booster Seat, Juice King Juicer and a whole lot more!

T_10001 Sellersburg Online Auctions

Thursday May 7, 2015 - 9:00 pm
This is it! Our last auction before we attempt that cross-country move. We want to thank all our past customers; we have appreciated your support. The main focus of this auction is vintage jewelry and postcards, although there are also lots of other great items. There are almost 600 pieces of all types of jewelry with several pieces of sterling silver and about 285 postcards and postcard folders. In addition, we have unused Harry Potter hardback books (first American editions); lots of vintage 1950's and 1960's toy soldiers and other plastic toys; old books and cookbooks, one from Science Hill Inn; vintage calendars and calendar sample prints; vintage aluminum kitchenware; nice women's and men's clothing, several from IU and U of L; jewelry reference books; several good household items, including an Oreck XL vacuum, storage and display items, vintage ephemera, J232craft items, one-of-a-kind handcrafted tealights and more. Before we can make the move, we also have a nice, well-priced home on the river in the Perry Park Golf Resort outside Carrollton, KY. If you know anyone interested in that, please contact us at Thanks and have fun bidding!

T_10001 SSTC Tools Toys & More

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 9:00 pm
This weeks auction is a good one. Plenty of vintage fishing lures, fishing poles and tackle boxes, Pearson compound bow, Wilson Aggressor 2000 golf clubs and golf bag, Sears 1/2 HP air compressor, tools, electronics, Brinkman smoker, collectible knives and much more, crochet set, hand crafted jewelry, kites, trailer hitch extension, Sporting goods, games, Cuisinart convection oven, Lamps, wall decor and more.

T_10001 SSTC - Water Tower Square Collectibles

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 9:00 pm
Nice selection of old and new in this one! Jewelry Displays with Jewelry, Magnetic Message Board with Fleur de Lis Magnets, UK Mirror License Plate, Electronic Soduku, Knook Knitting Set, JJ's Knife Kit, Fashion, Home Décor, Art Prints, Hot Water Bottle, Paper Shredder, Vintage Camera Lens, Derby Advertising, Lego Hero Factory, Rabbit Corkscrew Set, Photo Storage Boxes, Crafting Supplies, Double Steamer, Saucepan/Egg Poacher, CD's, Pfaltzgraff Platter,TV Show DVD's, Cookbooks, Baskets, Chalkware Piggy Bank, Graniteware Sauce Pan, Comic Books, Coffee Grinders, Mirro Pressure Cooker, Farberware Flatware Set, Bakeware, Scouting Mugs and Derby Car, King Sheet Sets, Personal Care Items, Books and Magazines, Mavea Water Pitcher, Dr. Scholl's Shoes, Vintage Handbags, Coca Cola 75th Anniversary Invitation, Vintage Brass Drawer Pulls and more!

T_10001 Lots of Louisville

Monday April 27 , 2015 - 9:00 pm
This edition of Lots of Louisville has some great décor, household and collectibles. A small sampling includes Kitchenwares, Barware, Nice Vases, Beanie Buddies, Cherished Teddies, Partylite Candle Holders, Goebel Angels, Disney Items, Complete set of Dining Chairs, Games, Vintage Toys, Bird Feeders, Tools and Tool box, Little Street Collectibles, Fashion Purses, Projection Screen, Owls, Redwing Planter, Calipers, WWII Navy Aircraft Radio Receiver, Wahl, Rival, Royal Doulton, Imperial Williamsburg Glasses, Pabst Blue Ribbon Tap, Shirley Temple Milk Pitcher, Porcelain Dolls, Teddy Tompkins, Crafting Supplies and Paint Brushes, Coca Cola Bears, Vintage Revlon Scissors and more!!



SUMMER Pick Up Hours:

Beginning April 30th

EVERY Thursday 3 - 8

& FIRST Sat of each month 10 - 2

Auctions ending Thursday of the prior (last) week through Wednesday of the current (this) week will be available for pick up on Thursday of the current (this) week.

Use the steel door beside the overhead door for pick up, it is unlocked during pick up hours


Terms in a Nutshell

We are growing at leaps and bounds! In order to continue to grow, we MUST ask that you review and comply with the terms and conditions of doing business with us. So, here they are in a "nutshell":

Bidding: We make every effort to describe items as accurately as possible. We are offering antique, vintage and used items for the most part, so expect normal signs of wear. We do not guarantee the working order of electronics, clocks, mechanical devices, etc. We will describe any testing we are able to do with an item and you should bid accordingly. Bidding errors must be reported immediately. NO BID CAN BE CHANGED AFTER AN AUCTION HAS CLOSED. In the event of a catalog error such as photo and description not matching, you should bid on the written description not the photo. Outbid notifications are sent up until the time the auction is scheduled to begin. The system does not send outbid notices once the auctions starts.

All sales have a 10% Buyer's Premium and 7% Indiana Sales Tax added to the final bid total. Sales tax can be waived only if you provide us with a copy of your Sales Tax Certificate with current dates prior to placing bids.

PAYMENT ALL invoices must be paid within 7 days of date of invoice. When you bid and win you have entered a contract promising payment, so please honor that commitment and make your payments on time. Payment can be made with cash, credit card, local check and paypal.

PICKUP is to be made WEEKLY, unless you have contacted us and made prior arrangements. We work with distance buyers on special pick up arrangements, but local bidders are expected to pick up weekly. We DO realize LIFE happens and we will always try to accommodate, but as a normal rule, we will expect you weekly. As of September 1, 2014 any orders left on the shelf with NO Contact and/or NO payment will be resold after 2 missed scheduled pick up dates and that bidder will no longer be allowed bidding privileges. If you know that you cannot pick up and pay according to the terms, please do not bid.

Complete Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking on Register to Bid at the top of this page.

Please know that we appreciate you, our bidders, and we are generally a friendly bunch:) We are, however running a business and must get to the point that we have a smoothe flow of merchandise and payments. We are happy to know you and serve you as an auction house, to be perfectly honest, we cannot afford to be your banker or your storage unit, so please try to work within the terms and we can all enjoy a fun and profitable relationship. Thank You!!


Contact Info:

Sher Walker 502-938-3014



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